One of the Last Visits With Sid Campbell

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Hanshi Campbell Is Home From the VA Hospital!

A recent visit to the Oakland, Ca. Hombu Dojo (Saturday, May 3rd 2008) was to visit Hanshi Sid Campbell. He had been out of the hospital only one week and doing something that we had not seen him do in 10 months; he was walking. Several seniors were there to visit him and once again step onto what has become a sacred floor. Photos taken by Kyoshi Sid Rayford.

Getting Back On His Feet

Hanshi Campbell enjoying being back at home and in the presence of his family; his students.

Renshi Tim Wessling and Renshi Calvin Tam

Renshi Wessling and Renshi Tam going over criteria and elements of the June 7th, 2008 WOSKKA exam to be held at the Hombu Dojo.

Sensei Roger Thomas

Sensei Roger Thomas was also visiting for the day and accompanied Hanshi Campbell down the sidewalk to one of his favorite lunch spots.

Sensei Richard Cantu-Merced Dojo

Sensei Richard Cantu transported Kyoshi Sid Rayford to the Oakland Hombu Dojo to visit for the day.  He is pictured here just enjoying the Hombu Dojo atmosphere and watching some good karate get practiced.

Kyoshi Jerrell Smith Teaching Bag Complex #1

The Hombu Dojo students are fortunate that when Hanshi Campbell's seniors come to visit, many of them teach as well.  This exposes the students to a vast array of knowledge and experiences.

Just Kickin' Back

Hanshi  Sid Campbell, Kyoshi Sid Rayford, and Sensei  Richard Cantu  during a visit to the Hombu Dojo on  July  5th,  2008.

Kyoshi Jerrell Smith-7th Dan-Concord, Ca. Dojo

Kyoshi Smith, Chief Instructor of the Concord, Ca. dojo, is dressed and ready to impart knowledge to those who came for Saturday's classes.

Renshi Al Colavito-Park Blvd. Oakland Dojo

Renshi Colavito was also present and is pictured demonstrating the spinning heel kick for a lower ranked student standing nearby.

Naihanchi Ichidan

Renshi Colavito teaching and breaking down Naihanchi Ichidan Kata.  This man is a well educated and long time Sid Campbell student.

Sensei Richard Cantu-Breaking His Silence

At first Sensei Richard was content with just watching. But when the floor cleared a bit, he too had some fun on the Oakland Hombu Dojo floor.

Yakusoku Kumite

Another fortunate beginner to have Kyoshi Jerrell Smith teaching her Yakusoku Kumite, one of the centuries old partnered sparring drills that is used in most Kobayashi Shorin-Ryu dojos. 

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