Looking Back

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A Brief Look Back

The Rayford dojo has enjoyed success due to the faithfulness of those who have come up through the ranks and have started to "give back" by helping with instruction.  As classes have grown, help has been needed to keep up with the needs of students and Kyoshi Sid Rayford has been fortunate to have those willing to help and facilitate a growing school.

One of Kyoshi Rayford's Original Merced Students-Sensei Darryl Davis

It was a proud day in the life of Kyoshi Rayford to present his son, Jacob, with his 4th Dan rank.

A Demonstration of Knowledge

Jacob Rayford demonstrating his knowledge of specific kata bunkai duing his 4th Dan exam in May of 2005.

Giving Back

Sensei Jacob Rayford supervising Sensei Amy Mosley as she takes lower ranks through kata during an open dojo session.  All Senseis have the support of senior Senseis.

For the Sake of Others...

Sensei Tiffany Harris has always been ready to help Kyoshi Rayford demonstrate techniques and is known to be a tough female "uke".  She is pictured here preparing to attack and once again place herself in harm's way just for the sake of others.

A Man On A Mission

For years Sensei Don Anderson, living over an hour away from the dojo, trained hard and eventually opened a branch of Rayford Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo in Sonora, Ca.

Support With A Seminar

As soon as Don Anderson established his dojo, he invited his teacher, Kyoshi Rayford, to his dojo to put on a seminar.  Pictured above and to the far left is Sensei Don Anderson participating on the first seminar held in his dojo by Kyoshi Sid Rayford.

One Cooool Crane!

Sensei Todd Wayman as "The Cool Crane" with sunglasses on during a demonstration at Merced College for the Cancer Walk for Life.  Hakutsuru (White Crane) is a kata that both Sensei Wayman and Kyoshi Rayford have had great success in tournaments with.

Sensei Kim Singh and Sensei Todd Wayman

Sensei Kim Singh is in the process of putting Sensei Todd Wayman in his place after he attacked her during the demo at the Cancer Walk for Life at Merced College.  Sensei Kim Singh now has her own dojo in Coos Bay Oregon. 

Sensei Elizabeth Mayo

Jr. Black Belt Sensei Elizabeth Mayo begins her kata during the demo at the Cancer Walk for Life.  She is pictured here at age 11 and has been sharp throughout her career.  She has numerous first and second place finishes in both kata and kumite (sparring) competitions and knows her art quite well.

Kobudo Class

Students working the tonfa, one of four Okinawan weapons taught in the Rayford dojo.  Nearest in the photo is Shihan Manuel Carrillo, owner of Carrillo's Shotokan in Los Banos, Ca. 

Training In the Hombu Dojo

The generosity of Hanshi Sid Campbell is why many of us have grown in the fashion that we have.  This is a photo of those who were present when Hanshi Campbell went into great detail about the applications and value of Renzokukens.  Those present from the Rayford dojo were Sensei Todd Wayman , Sensei Joe Starkweather, Sensei Tiffany Harris, Kyoshi Sid Rayford, and Sensei Jacob Rayford.

Fine Tuning

Open dojo is a good time to fine tune technique in preparation for an exam.  In this photo, Chloe Madison is preparing for her 1st Dan Jr. Black Belt and receiving some last minute pointers from Kyoshi Sid Rayford.

Understanding Your Karate

Two of Sensei Don Anderson's Sonora students sampling with techniques taught by Kyoshi Rayford during the first seminar in the Anderson dojo.

Rayford Shorin-Ryu Karate & Kobudo