2016 Senior Ranks Awarded

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Senior Ranks to WOSKKA's Loyal Brothers and Sisters!

On July 2nd, 2016 Hanshi Sid Rayford on the behalf of WOSKKA presented to Kyoshi Robert White of Lemoore, CA. the promotion to 8th Dan Black Belt.  Kyoshi Robert White began training in the Sid Campbell dojo on the very same day as Hanshi Sid Rayford.  Also presented to their next ranks were Kyoshi Kim Singh of Coos Bay, Oregon who was promoted to 7th Dan Black Belt.  Kyoshi Singh is the senior student under Hanshi Sid Rayford.  Another dojo brother of Hanshi Sid Rayford's under Sid Campbell, Kyoshi Tim Wessling of Oakland, CA. was promoted to 7th Dan Black Belt.  Renshi Amy Rayford, Hanshi Rayford's wife, was promoted to 6th Dan Black Belt and Sensei Robert Hogle, a special needs student, was promoted to Honorary 2nd Dan Black Belt.

Congratulatons to All of You!

Hanshi Sid Rayford and Kyoshi Robert White-8th Dan.

Kyoshi Kim Singh having just received her promotion to 7th Dan.

Kyoshi Tim Wessling having just received his new rank and title.

Renshi Amy Rayford having just been promoted to 6th Dan Black Belt.

Kyoshi Tim Wessling and Kyoshi Calvin Tam with Hanshi Sid Rayford holding a photo of their teacher, Hanshi Sid Campbell.